Proud Ground


Proud Ground, a Portland nonprofit that helps low-income families become first-time homeowners, had an excellent track record. Since its founding in 1999, Proud Ground has helped more than 120 families become first-time homeowners — and these homeowners have a 0% foreclosure rate. Yet Proud Ground felt its story wasn’t getting out to to the right audiences. To the Point principals were asked to help get the word out so more families could know about and benefit from its services.

First, To the Point worked with Proud Ground to develop a set of brochures, in English and Spanish, that summarized its services and encouraged readers to contact Proud Ground to learn more. Then, To the Point was asked to train the board in branding and messaging strategies to more fully engage the trustees in outreach. Next, To the Point created a media strategy designed to communicate news about Proud Ground’s successes to relevant media and affordable housing organizations locally and nationwide.

Now, Proud Ground receives regular media coverage and increased inquiries about its services. With nearly $300,000 in new funding secured in the fourth quarter of 2010, Proud Ground is poised to offer its life-changing services to many more families in the years ahead—and to trumpet its successes to its new contacts in the media and the housing profession.