Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn—How about having an actual in-person conversation?

As I scanned my email inbox this morning, I quickly counted 10 emails that originated from social media/networking sites. Facebook. Twitter. LinkedIn. An online meeting platform. Yelp. And on and on.

Social networking sites provide terrific opportunities for exploring the world around you from the comfort of your computer work station. Here at To The Point, however, we prefer another social networking medium for certain interactions. It’s called Meeting Face-To-Face With Someone.

When we are working with you to help you achieve your organization’s goals and fulfill its mission, we love to sit down with your employees, clients, donors, volunteers and strategic partners and discuss with them in some depth how your organization serves the community. Those true conversations come complete with body language, and with emotions that don’t have to be expressed in an emoticon. We are experts at capturing the passion these people have for your work and translating that passion and emotion into the materials we produce for you.

Can we help you with Facebook and Twitter? Sure. Can we set you up with a blog? You bet. But what truly distinguishes our work is our desire to really get to know you and your team, to find out what makes you tick and why the community is a better one thanks to your work. To do that, you have to get out from behind the computer and get the stories first hand. We love doing it, and you will love the byproduct of those one-on-one interviews.